Monday, November 6, 2017

“I will definitely delivery my tenth baby at the Health Center!”

The end of last month, Sopheak, our project Monitoring & Evaluation for Learning Officer along with his partner from M’day Rik Reay Kone Rik Reay (MRKR) Veasna visited Morokot commune, Choam Ksant district in Preah Vihear province and met this family. They were able to sit and spend some times with the family asking about her life and family. Here is a short story of the woman they met:

The woman’s name is Mrs. SAMOEUN, married to a man who is a soldier at the border (a majority of the families living in the community are soldier families)! “I have had ten children including the one in my tummy because I’m now eight months pregnant.” SAMOEUN said. “But I now only have six children including the one in my tummy because my other 4 kids had passed away.” she mentioned when asked about her children’s names and their ages.  When asking about how they died, she told that she wasn’t sure. The babies were too young, but she said maybe because of the Measles. One of her kids who died was one month old. And there were no health centers nearby. She continued that she never got to deliver all her babies at the Health Centers. But for this tenth child, she is planning to go to the health center to deliver her baby to seek a better health care.

SAMOEUN has been participating with EMBRACE Project for about 12 months now! She has actively joined the Reflect Circle Group discussion meetings and has learned quite a lot of knowledge, especially about nutrition and pregnancy women care. She has visited a few times already to a health center and has been taking the iron tablet, eating good nutritious food to make herself and her child healthy, which she has learned through the group meeting. After joining with the project, she has hoped she would learn more and improve her family to be healthy. She is hopeful that her child would be born healthy!
“And I also wish ADRA and the supporters to be healthy and be successful in all they do” She thanked us

Story collected by: EMBRACE Project team (Sok Sopheak, Veasna_MRKR)

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